Hi Sangeeta, I joined #fame today & I watched your show. I loved it. I must say the way you interact with your viewers and answer their questions is really appreciable. Not just the tarot part but the off topic discussion relating to God and Gratitude was really beautiful.  All of us are facing some or other kinda struggle in our lives and at such time when your readings provide answers.. such discussions help you change your perspective towards the problems. You really carry a very positive aura. Now i will look forward to your show every morning i wake up. I soo loved it that i just couldn't resist myself from sharing my feedback with you.           Khusboo Tiwari

During my job hunting days I was going through bad phase.
I consulted sangeeta mam she told me about the job opportunity which will come knocking in couple of months...
initially I was hesitant but later what her card said was unbelievable true , now i m working in a good company.
Before handling any tough task I take consultation from sangita mam. What her card says it works in my tough task and I would like to add that sangeeta mam is an amazing tarot card reader and a wonderful person to consult
Reshma Sawant (Omega Capital Services Pvt Ltd.)

Hey Sangeeta! How are you doing? Just wanted you to know that I am finally getting married this year as per your prediction Thanks 
Ronik Saini (Punjab)

Hey Sangeeta! Wanted you to know that your predictions about my current job are working out just the way you said.  Thank you?.
Vijay Patel (Mumbai)

Hello Sangeeta, thanks for your support and guidance which has helped me in a big way to get answers to all the questions that used to bother me before I met you. I feel the change in terms of being relaxed and in control of myself 
Denzil (Mumbai)

Dear Sangeeta, you would be delighted to know that your prediction about me getting married  has come true and now i am happily married. Thanks for everything, wish the best for us. Warm Wishes. 
Rohini (Mumbai)

Hello Mam, how are you doing, just wanted you to know that i had a baby as your predicted well in advance about my baby and i my entire family is happy with the new born baby.  Thanx for everything, Take Care.
Vaishnavi (Mumbai)

Hello Madam, Thanking for suggesting me to change my handwriting. It has not only made me positive  but  has also boosted my self confidence and i am a new confident guy.                                                                                                                       Girish Punjabi(Mumbai)

Hi Sangeeta, I am so happy that i consulted you for Signature Analysis, changing my signature has not only helped me in flourishing my business but has also changed my life-style.                                                                                                          Vivek Gupta(Mumbai)




" Spirituality has many paths. I use tarot to help me be intuitive."


I also do Graphology (Handwriting) & Signature Analysis which is a Science "To analyse human behaviour and thought process of the person".




" Tarot is a way for me to gain insight on many things. I like to help people, and Tarot Reading allows me to do just that "


"Graphology (Handwriting)" is an "Art of determining character of the person".It is Current state of mind.


"Signature" is person's actual personality. It is the minimum set of letters which gives maximum information about a person.